Stop Animations

Activity 2

Look closely to find out


Inside the forest, we are both dwarfs and giants… The trees make us look like dwarves but we are giants compared to the grass.

The buzzard is one of our most widespread birds of prey: It isn’t rare to see its shape appear in the sky, circling slowly and lengthily, often at high altitude.

Poplar Admiral
Some butterflies spend a great deal of their adult lives in the treetops.

Black woodpecker
The hammering sound woodpeckers make is well-known.

This completely black beetle feeds on all sorts of waste products, like dead animals and excrement.

A field mouse at the entrance to its hole
Small mammals such as field mice are common in the forest, but they spend most of their lives underground.

A red squirrel’s head ducks behind a tree trunk
Timid, the squirrel hides behind trunks, but often its curiosity is stronger than its fear.

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