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Activity 8

Solar Power

Illustration of photosynthesis


Leaves contain a large number of minute grains of chlorophyll, which transforms carbon gas from the air into sugars, which will ensure the tree’s healthy growth all throughout its life. This chemical transformation of sunlight is called photosynthesis.

The constantly changing forest
The clearing is the first stage in the redevelopment of the forest. The eagle fern has multiplied and little by little trees begin to fill up the edges of the clearing. For instance, the Sorb tree and the Birch, which improve soil quality.

The tree’s « blood » 
From its roots right to the tips of its leaves, the tree is covered in a network of channels that transport the sap. In many ways, this can be compared to the blood of mammals.

Deciduous or evergreen
Most trees (resinous or coniferous trees) lose their leaves in autumn.

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