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foire aux questions

foire aux questions

Is the park open on weekends, school holidays and public holidays?

Yes of course !

Is there a subscription?

YES, this is a brand new option this year. The annual subscription is available at the park reception during your first visit. The price is 22€ per adult and 17€ per child.

Do you have to book your visit to Chlorophylle Park?

Reservation is NOT required at the moment
For a visit "with the school" and a visit "in group" the reservation is made via a form request by email.
For a visit, alone or with family, you can book via the ""book"" tab on the website.

How do I validate my reductions when booking online?

Most discounts are valid online only. You will find the promo codes on the partner site. If you have any questions about promo codes, please contact the park reception by phone at 084/37.87.74 or by email at , we will give you the codes corresponding to your discount. You will need to present proof of entitlement to the discount on the day of your visit. Without proof of your reduction, you will have to pay the difference at reception.
We are not able to refund you the reduction at the reception after the purchase of your tickets online.
If in doubt contact us.

Are dogs allowed in the park?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed inside the park even on a leash. We have two kennels available in the shade by reservation or on request at reception. We would like to avoid dogs staying in vehicles. Please note that dogs in vehicles on hot days will not be tolerated in our car park and the police will be notified. There is no place in the shade all day in the parking lot.

What can we eat in the cafeteria?

The cafeteria offers snacks every day the park is open.

Is it possible to rent a room at Parc Chlorophylle?

Rental is possible for private events by prior agreement with the park and the brewery. For interested individuals and companies, please submit your request via

Can we organize a child's birthday at Chlorophylle Park?

You are welcome as part of a birthday.We can offer a one hour animation for max 10 children under reservation. For information and reservations, please contact the park reception via the email address

Can I bring my picnic?

Yes of course ! You can even leave it in your car; be sure to keep your bracelet on to exit the park again. You can consume your picnic inside the park on the picnic areas.

Can I take my drinks?

Yes, it is just not allowed to consume your own drinks in the brasserie, the hall and the terrace. Note that we do not have a fridge available to keep them cool. Please note, for safety reasons, no glass bottles or glasses!

Is there a place to warm up my child's bottle/meal? And a place to change it?

Yes, there is a microwave available in the dining room, and changing tables in the ladies' toilet at reception and in the disabled toilet in the basement.

Is the park suitable for people with reduced mobility?

Our park is very hilly but is quite accessible. In case you do not feel able to do the course with your wheelchair, we can provide an adapted electric scooter free of charge but subject to reservation.
Note that there are disabled toilets with access through the reception building.

Can we smoke in the park?

In the NO park, it is strictly forbidden by the Nature and Forest Defense because of the risk of fire. An ashtray is available near the reception desk outside the park under the supervision of the reception staff also on the restaurant terrace.

Can I bring a small bike for my child?

For safety reasons for visitors, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc. are prohibited inside the park. Balance bikes for small children are tolerated.

Can I take a stroller for my child?

Of course it is quite possible.Only the footbridge in the trees is not accessible with the stroller but a stroller parking lot is available when it leaves :)

Can I access the chloros'shop without buying my park entry?

The reception office, the shop and the brasserie are accessible to everyone without entering the park.

Can we pay by credit card?

Yes, all our points of sale have a credit card payment terminal. For security reasons, we favor this method of payment.

Is it possible to access only the playground?

No, the playground is reserved for visitors to the park or on purchase of a full entry.

How long is the walk?

It takes between 1h30 and 2h30 to go around the park outside the playgrounds (+/- 2 kilometres). It can take longer if you take the opportunity to observe the birds carefully, read the didactic panels, take photos, etc. .