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The Chlorophylle park wishes to welcome a large public including people with Autism. This is why we have adapted our site to your needs:
  • awareness of the various disabilities of reception staff,
  • highlighting practical information,
  • highlighting places and activities of sensory interest through the use of pictograms,
  • presence of numerous "calm zones" indicated by pictograms.

Parking for people with autism and special needs (PBS).
2 well signposted PMR (people with reduced mobility) pitches.

Reception desk
The entrance to the reception building is accessible on the ground floor. Sufficient door width. PMR toilet.
At the reception, you will be greeted by Marie, Préscillia and their team, who will show you the entrance to the estate and who will give you the information you need to make your visit. Large bench to rest at the reception. Access to the Brasserie du Parc terrace with wide ramp. Assistance dog allowed.
Particularities of the area. (points of attention)
  • Trails : dolomite (specially adapted for walking) but presence of some gutters. passage possible for strollers and adapted vehicles) Attention to the relief: the paths of the park have a more or less important slope due to the topography of the place.
  • 3 shelters are set up in the park: n ° 8a - 14a - 19a on the park map.
  • Course in the treetops (n ° 10 on the map): be careful 48 steps down and up.
  • Indoor and outdoor rest area (circled in black on the map below): many benches along the path.
useful information :
Busy times and visiting times:
Quiet visiting periods:
  • The start and end of the day (before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m.)
  • Periods outside of school holidays, public holidays and weekends.
Duration of the visit: average of 2 hours, to see more naturally.
The park is constantly evolving and must be maintained, it is possible to see construction sites, to hear noise!For all information or to check the number of events, you can consult our website

The chlorohylle park is adapted to receive you as well as possible.
the pictograms that you will find throughout the course can be found in the photos below.

Latest information.
Reduced price: 6.30 € per person in 2021 (preferably by reservation on 084/37 87 74 or Please note that reservations are required.